Acne and Scarring

Acne needs commitment & no one off treatment will fix this condition. There is a number of triggers that could be causing this condition. Acne can be caused from hormones, poor gut function, incorrect skin care products &/ free radical damage, dehydration & lack of oil.

On your 1st skin consultation & treatment will we investigate the causes & address both the cause & symptoms. We fight acne with a holistic approach that protects the skin health along the way, your skin will become healthy, strong & function optimally, unlike other skin treatments (antibiotics, doctors prescribed creams, proactive & chemist acne skin care ranges), aggressive products like these can cause more long term problems like free radical damage, premature aging and dehydrated skin long term.

Our skin specialists have been helping acne sufferers for  over 30 years and we keep up to date with the latest technology. We are so confident that we can help, we will give you a FREE 30 minute consultation and teach you the do’s & don’ts at home. We will have a look at what you are currently using on your skin.

What is a black head?

Oil when not cleansed correctly sticks to dead skin cells and forms a plug in our pore/hair follicle.The sun turns the plugs black in colour. To treat blackheads you need to use a gentle scrub 2-3 times a week, and the secret weapon salicylic acid, this is the best for blackheads! Salicylic acid exfoliates the pores from the inside out! Dissolves any blockages in pores. But receive your first consultation free and we can put you on the correct path to clear skin.

LED Medlight Therapy

LED treatments work with the body’s own natural processes to counteract the effects of ageing and clears acne-prone skin, via the delivery of specific light wavelength to target specific objectives. The light works naturally with your body to promote the healing response and help your skincare products to work harder with this non-surgical light therapy.

Acne treatments
Acne Treatments
Acne Correction Facial 40 minute
Dissolve oil and blackheads, unclog pores, balance oil and moisture, extract whiteheads and blackheads, and smooth skin.
Acne Correction Facial 75 minute
Dissolve oil and blackheads, unclog pores, balance oil and moisture, extract whiteheads and blackheads, and smooth skin. Includes LED light and Alginate mask
LED Medilight Therapy
40minutes $89 / 60minutes $99
Rejuvenate and repair damaged skin, increase blood flow. Improve skin texture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Acne Scarring Treatments
Dermapen Skin Needling
Full Face. Add a HylaActive mask for $25.
BHA chemical peel
The Ultimate Peel
From $300
Only on scarring this requires 2 weeks prep with retinol & some serious peeling for up to 10 days will occur. 2 days of peel application and will require a enzyme treatment on day 5 and 10.
Alkaline Resurfacing Treatment
Includes Enzyme Therapy

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Blackhead Facial                        40 minutes   $89
                                                                 75 minutes $139
                                               (include both LED and Alginate Mask) 
  • Dissolve oil and blackheads
  • Unclog pores
  • Balance oil and moisture
  • Extract whiteheads and blackheads
  • Smooth skin

Your first visit includes a full consultation where we will design a program to achieve YOUR desired results.

Your therapist will specifically design a facial for your skin on the day. All skins are different and we tailor our facials to your skin for the best results.